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We offer the following type of dentures:

  • Full Dentures:
    Full Dentures are flesh colored acrylic bases that fit over your gums for both the upper and lower part of your mouth.

  • Partial Dentures:
    Partial dentures are not a full set of teeth but rather a few missing or extracted teeth.

  • Conventional Dentures:
    Conventional dentures are the most affordable option, conventional dentures are placed above the bones and gums after extraction's heal.

  • Immediate Dentures:
    Immediate dentures are for a patient that can not live with out teeth. There is a downside to immediate dentures in and that the dentures may not fit after time and you will want to make an appointment with the dentist in 4-8 months.

Dental dentures are a set of artificial teeth that fit over your gums. Dentures are the most affordable way to keep a natural and attractive smile with out hurting your pocket. With the best technology that the dental industry can offer, you can be rest assured that Nogales Dental Laser is the most trusted source for dental care in Nogales, Mexico.

We offer the following dentures composites:

  • Plastic Teeth:
    Plastic dentures use acrylic and plastic to artificially create a full, or partial, set of teeth that are affordable but are prone to staining.

  • Porcelain Teeth:
    Porcelain dentures use a strong metallic base with porcelain artificially created teeth that are stronger, more durable and less prone to staining.

If you are looking for dentures, you will want to call the most affordable dentures dental clinic in Nogales! Call for a free dental care diagnosis: 520.223.4349.

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