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Customized Dentures in Nogales

Improve Your Dental Function & Health

If you have lost teeth or have damaged gum tissue, it can make it difficult to speak, eat, and chew. At Dental Laser Nogales, we understand that having missing teeth can affect both your confidence and quality of life. We are pleased to offer top-quality denture services in Nogales to serve your tooth replacement needs. Dentures can work as protection for damaged gum tissue as well as to improve the function of your mouth.

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Types of Dentures We Provide

As a trusted dental office in Nogales, we have years of experience working with patients of all ages and circumstances. Instead of offering a cookie cutter solution, we are committed to working with our patients to find a solution that meets your needs. Regardless of whether you have a couple of missing teeth in one area or a majority of your teeth are lost, we can help. Dentures can provide a solution for a wide range of circumstances.

The two main types of dentures are as follows:

  • Partial dentures: This type of dentures are used when you have at least one tooth, but a number of other teeth are missing. These dentures may be removable or we may cement them into your mouth.
  • Complete dentures: Complete dentures are used if you have lost all of your teeth and none remain. These dentures can be removed and are made to look just like your natural teeth.

Understanding the Benefits of Dentures

Many patients who come to us with missing teeth wonder exactly what dentures can do for them. In addition to the obvious aspect of improving your appearance, dentures can actually significantly impact your health. Many patients who have lost teeth have not been able to maintain a healthy diet or regular eating habits. Missing teeth can also lead to changes in your facial structure and bone density. With dentures, you can experience improvements in your eating habits, bone density, and the appearance of your smile.

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