An implant is an artificial root unit made with zirconium and titanium that replaces a dental root.

This treatment consists of making space in the bone to place the implant. The procedure is adding an anesthetic in the area, preparing the bone with a special tool to shape and space to the root of the implant in which it is placed, it is usually a painless procedure and the bone has no endings nervous. If you have dental absences or fractured teeth that are non-salvageable with endodontics you are a candidate for dental implants.

Some of the symptoms after surgery are:

  • Discomfort around and in place where the implant was placed.
  • Slightly discomfort of the sutures.
  • Occasionally inflammation, bruises may appear.

Care and Recommendations

  • NO SMOKING to avoid infections
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages
  • It is recommended not to have physical activity
  • No exposure to sun radiation
  • Eat healthy avoiding the consumption of fats and condiments.
  • Full Rest.